TRANSFLO® ezView is a Web server application that allows you to retrieve images and data from your image repository based on search criteria, and update the data.

TRANSFLO® ezView will retrieve images from the image repositories supported by the TRANSFLO® Server.

These are primarily Gauss and TRANSFLO® as a repository.


Starting ezView

To start TRANSFLO® ezView for initial use:

1.    Type the ezView URL in your browser’s address bar.

This is usually,

http://<WebServer>/TRANSFLO® .ezView

where <WebServer> is the name of the Web server that is hosting the ezView website.


If you are logged on to the Web Server you can also double-click the TRANSFLO® ezView Website shortcut on the server’s desktop.


2.    The TRANSFLO® ezView Log On page opens. (This may take several seconds the first time you open ezView.)

Enter your User Name and Password in the respective boxes.

Click Log On.


Note: If LDAP security mode is enabled to use Windows Pass-Through authentication, this screen is not displayed.

3.    The main search page opens indicating you have successfully started ezView.