Android Version 9 Battery Optimization

When your mobile device is set to Battery Optimization mode, certain features will be turned off, in your app.

The Location Info on your phone will be turned off, and your app will not be able to record breadcrumbs during a load, if Battery Optimization is turned on.

The battery life on your phone will not last as long, if this is turned off.

For best results with load breadcrumb tracking, keep your device plugged in, and keep the app open, in the foreground of your screen.


From the Load Details screen, tap on the red Tracking Error! bar.


Select Tap here, on the pop-up window.


This will send you to the Battery optimization screen, on your mobile device.

Scroll down until you locate the Transflo application.

To turn off Battery Optimization, tap the blue toggle.


Battery Optimization is now turned off.



You can turn off Battery Optimization on your mobile device, from the Settings screen.

From the Settings screen on your phone, tap the tile labeled Apps.



From the Apps screen, sort by Enabled or Disabled, to filter apps by Battery Optimization.

Scroll down and tap the Transflo tile.


From the App info screen, tap on Battery, then tap Battery optimization.

Repeat the process, to turn off Battery Optimization.


Watch the Video Below: