Android Version 9 Location Access

When your mobile device is set to Battery Optimization mode, certain features, such as Location Access will be turned off, in your app.

Reference Android Version 9 Battery Optimization , for more details on this process.

If location sharing is turned off with Transflo, you will see the Location Permission Denied screen, on the Dashboard of your application.

To enable location access with Transflo, tap on Open App Settings .


Scroll down if necessary and tap on the Permissions tile.


Tap the gray toggle, to the right of Location.

When the toggle is blue, this indicates that location sharing is now active.


You will also see a pop-up window on the Dashboard to Allow TRANSFLO® to access this device’s location.

Tap Allow, and tap the Don’t ask again check box, to keep this setting active on the app.


Watch the Video Below: