View Load Breadcrumb Tracking on Android

In order for load breadcrumb tracking to occur during loads, TRANSFLO® must be allowed access to your mobile device's location.

For Android devices, turning off battery optimization will result in optimum load breadcrumb tracking.

Your phone's battery will not last as long as it usually would, when this is turned off.

For best results, keep your mobile device plugged in and the application in the foreground of your phone's screen.


To view load breadcrumb tracking, accept a load.

For more information on this process, reference Accept or Decline Loads

The green Tracking in Progress bar indicates that load breadcrumb tracking is now enabled.


Watch the Videos Below:


Android Version 10 Load Breadcrumb Tracking


Android Version 9 Pixel 3XL Load Breadcrumb Tracking


Android Version 9 Samsung 9 Load Breadcrumb Tracking