Optimize Document Images

Place document on a flat, dark or contrasting non-glare surface.

Take a photo in a bright, well-lit environment.

Using flash in conjunction with good surrounding light is preferred. If the document is on a glossy surface, it is recommended to turn the flash off.

Brighter light and flash are required for poor-quality documents, multi-part forms, carbon copies, or documents on colored paper.

Fill the entire screen with the document.

To make barcodes more readable, position the document about 14 inches away from the phone’s camera.


Keep your hands steady and try to remain stable when taking the picture. If you are in-cab, turn off your engine to eliminate vibration.

To get the best focus, wait for the blue Auto-Focus square to show, then take the picture.

You can also tap the screen to trigger the auto-focus then take the picture.

The Auto-Focus square is configurable, so it may or may not appear, based on your fleet's settings.

Tap Snap, to take a photo of the document.

After taking photo, you can drag the blue dots on the corners of the document, to crop the image.


To make light text appear clearer, after cropping, tap the Brightness feature at the bottom of the screen.

Darken can be tapped multiple times to continue darkening the text.

If the page becomes too dark, tap the Lighter feature, to reverse the changes.


Watch the Video Below: