Truck Navigation (CoPilot)

The CoPilot app provides a comprehensive, cost-effective fleet solution that ultimately connects the back office to the in-cab navigation.

It allows you to plan trips that are optimized for your vehicle, load, and number of stops on your route.

From the Dashboard, tap the Truck Navigation tile, to start the CoPilot app.


Read the warning in the box at the bottom of the screen and then tap Accept, to acknowledge the warning.

On the My Maps screen, tap the Cloud icon to the right of the desired location, to download the map for CoPilot.


Tap Ok on the Download Complete pop-up window.

Tap Ok on the Dispatch pop-up window.

Tap the black Search icon to find an address or favorite location, search online, browse contacts, view coordinates or current location, or load a saved trip.


Tap the white, circular icon with three black lines inside, above the black search icon, to change the map style, mute the device audio, plan a trip, open MyCoPilot, or access Settings.


From this screen, tap Settings to change following CoPilot features:

  • Map Display and Guidance
  • Vehicle Routing Profiles
  • Safety Alerts and Warnings
  • Mileage Reports
  • Active Traffic
  • Regional & Voices
  • Styles
  • Sound
  • Data & Battery
  • GPS
  • Reset to Default
  • About Copilot


Watch the Video Below: